Annunciation    LMP C1106    Richard Nye

Text: Richard Nye

Duration: 3:10

2-Part choir (or 2 voices), melody instrument (flute, oboe, or clarinet), piano

Click here to listen to the piece.

Annunciation was written in memory of the composer’s mother-in-law, Valerie Bullows, and is inspired by the work of American artist John Collier. His painting Annunciation hangs in the St. Gabriel's Catholic parish church in McKinney Texas, near Dallas. In September 2009 the composer was asked to write a piece for a Christmas service and one that could be used before a reading that told the story of the Annunciation. Richard found John's picture and was immediately taken with it.  In March 2010 the music was used at St. Gabriel's and performed next to the painting. An image of the painting can be found at


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