Silence Has Voices

Silence Has Voices

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composer: Rick Bartlett

text: Dr. R. Smithdas

duration: 3:35

SATB, piano

This work moderately builds to measure 34 in a "two steps forward, one step back progression" to the 6/8 meter and subsides in measure 51 with a tranquil a cappella section where balance of voicing is pertinent to create the right effect, with no ritard.  Care should be taken to avoid dragging this section. There should be some sense of movement and anticipation.  However, measure 33 is a cappella and modulates into B flat at measure 34.  In measure 62, the work comes back into the joyful 6/8 tempo until the ritard in measure 79.  In measure 66, although each word is accented, they should not be broken, or staccato, but connected.

Throughout, there are places of specific dissonance (measure 1, 27 and 43).  The musical structure is loosely based on the Bass line at measures 51 and 52 – B flat – E flat – F.  (Refer to measure 1 – B flat signature, measure 8 – E flat signature and measure 15 – F signature.)  This sequence repeats throughout the work providing modulation, direction and perpetuating interest to the singer and listener.  The last section, again tranquil, can fade to nothing, or to a very fine ppp, at the director’s choosing.