Nick Duggan

Nick graduated from The City of Leeds College of Music in the UK in 1981, with a distinction for performance on Classical Guitar, winning the Michael Grady Memorial Prize for composition before taking up teaching posts overseas (Spain, Kenya and Thailand ).

From 1991-1994 he worked as a musician in the British Army primarily as a Violist, while completing his Master's degree. On leaving the Army and completing a PGCE in Music he returned to overseas education (Kuwait, S. Korea).

He has won The William Lincer Foundation Prize in 2004 as well being chosen as one of the Pacific Basin representatives for the 60 x 60 Vox Novus call for works in the same year. He has also released his first CD 'African Rain.'

Nick works as an educational administrator in International Schools and is currently based in Thailand and is presently working towards his PhD in Musical Composition at The University of Wales, Bangor.