Letters to Grace
Letters to Grace

Letters to Grace

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composer: Jeff Smallman

duration: 25:00

Flute, bassoon, violin, viola, cello


Incidental music written for the stage presentation of Windsor poet Marty Gervais' Letters to Grace, celebrating the young nursing graduates from Grace Hospital in Windsor, Ontario.  Their stories are told through their letters from hospital tents during World War II, leprosy clinics in India, and remote missions in South Africa, among other places.  This incidental music is written to provide a backdrop, or musical context, for each letter and the conditions it describes.

There are nine movements.  Unless otherwise indicated, each movement is for the full quintet:

Garden Parties

The Echoist (flute & cello)

Out of Place (bassoon, viola, cello)

Prelude to War

After the Storm



The Campaign Trail