My Favourite Blues - Part Three

My Favourite Blues - Part Three

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composer: Tony Dunn

text: Tony Dunn

Duration: 2:00

SSA, piano

In this third installment of the My Favourite Blues series, the choir explores blues instrumentation. Two groups of verses – one in prose (describing the role of the bass, horns, and electric guitar) and the other with sound effects (i.e. “wahn” for electric guitar) - are written for choir. Each instrument part can be sung on their own or can be layered at the discretion of the conductor. In between the verses the composer encourages pairs of choristers to have an improvised musical dialogue (suggested in 2 measure alternation) using a chosen instrument sound effect. This improvised passage provides creative choir members an opportunity to “strut their stuff”. During this improvisation the choir can support the soloist using any of the composed verses. This is a very fun arrangement of a blues setting for choir.