Nightfall in a Summer Garden

Nightfall in a Summer Garden

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composer: Rick Bartlett

Text: Dr. Robert J. Smithdas

Duration: 2:45

SSATBB, oboe or SSATBB, oboe (optional), piano

This work is dripping with lush harmonies that embark on a simple text from Robert Smithdas, a deaf/blind man who has captured the sights and sounds of nightfall as very few can.  It should never be rushed, however the use of rubato is encouraged throughout.  Although fairly easily sung by a moderately skilled choir, lesser skilled choirs can master this contemporary, yet romantic song that suggests either a spring or summer concert setting, but just as well sung at any time of the year.  The oboe obligato can be substituted for flute, however in the right acoustical environment and with an accomplished oboist, it can only enhance the gorgeous step-wise movement of the chorus.  This work was dedicated to the Choral Society of Middle Georgia and Paul Gamber, Director.  A version which includes a simple piano accompaniment is also available.