Rites of Passage
Rites of Passage

Rites of Passage

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composer: Nick Duggan

Duration: 7:40

Solo guitar

In many ways this work represents a musical rite of passage. The first and last movements were composed over 20 years ago and marked the end of the composer’s college days while the second movement was composed in 2004 and marks the beginning of a period when he found a new enthusiasm in writing based on a more minimal approach - a belief that less is more and once you have said what needed saying – there is no need for repetition. 

Movement I. Takes advantage of sustain and overtones of the guitar. In this movement the guitarist play as legato as possible allowing notes to ring longer than their intended duration, particular fingering is indicated to facilitate this. A particularly powerful effect is in the ascending scale where it reaches fff and it is marked ‘allow open strings to ring’ – to ensure the listener hears this wonderful effect. 

Movement II. Beautiful in its simplicity and unlike the first movement, the notes should only ring for their indicated value. The performer should feel free to create an impression of improvisation – as if you are writing this piece as you are performing it, as legato and gently as possible. 

Movement III. A straightforward march employing some of the type of chord movement unique to the guitar. Requires a strong punctuated approach and a sense of fun!