Song of Thanksgiving

Song of Thanksgiving

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composer: Rick Bartlett

text: Dr. R. Smithdas

Duration: 4:10

SSA, piano

Scored for SSA and piano, Song of Thanksgiving is another score in a series of works with texts authored by Robert Smithdas, a deaf/blind poet and scholar.  The melody is simple and sweet, with moderate accompaniment that provides melodic support for the more advanced passages.  The work should never be rushed in the 3/8 meter, but keep a simple pace that stays fairly even through most of the work.  The text, from a blind man's point of view, makes for an interesting work.  Again he uses his senses of smell and touch to bring his unique understanding of the joys of autumn and harvest time.  Song of Thanksgiving is dedicated to the women of the Choral Society of Middle Georgia, Paul Gamber, former director.  The work was premiered at the 2003 CSMG Cherry Blossom Concert in Macon, GA.