Symphony no. 4

Symphony no. 4

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composer: Gustav Mahler

orchestrator: Serge Ollive

Duration: 58:00

Flute/alto fl./picc., oboe/E. hn., A cl./B flat cl./A bass cl., bassoon, 2 horns, C tpt./B flat tpt., mezzo sop., 4 violins, 2 violas, 2 cellos, bass

Gustav Mahler's Symphony #4 is considered by some to be the most accessible of his works.  It's filled with all of the characteristics that his writing is known for: colourful orchestration, grotesque gestures, incorporation of song.  French composer Serge Ollive has reorchestrated this masterpiece to make it accessible by chamber orchestras.  The number of parts was arrived at through a paring down of the original texture, resulting in a new clarity.