The Critter Suite

The Critter Suite

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composer: Mikel Bell

Duration: 13:30

Flute/Alto Flute, Oboe, B flat Clarinet, Piano, Viola, Cello

A chamber work in three movements: I. Blackbird Squabble: The opening parallel tritones hint that something is not quite right in critter land.  Even the daybreak church bells have a certain uneasy dissonance.  They give way to comforting, lyrical cello and oboe solos, but dissonance eventually prevails, as the blackbirds prove they just can't play nicely with each other!

II. The Vulnar Worm: The rain is falling...the worms are disoriented and vulnerable...can they get across the sidewalk before...?  Features an assortment of contrapuntal lines weaving, morphing, and wormily wriggling against one another.

III. Squirrelly Schizo Scherzo:  This movement highlights a driving virtuosic piano part.  A motive in 5/8 returns throughout, in between constantly shifting time signatures.  Just picture squirrels running and spiralling up tree trunks and scurrying along fences.