The Millennium

The Millennium

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composer: Rick Bartlett

text: Sioux Ghost Dance

Duration: 2:05

SSAA, piano

A rhythmical work whose text symbolically tells of the coming of the millennium as a rite of hybrid faith combining elements of Christianity with Native American religious traditions of the Sioux.  This "coming" is symbolized by the stampede of bison that send the crow and eagle scattering.  The vibration and rumbling of the earth under the bison's hooves is man's sign that something is coming; a nation is approaching - destruction and chaos.  The work starts with each having their say.  Then each voice is added to another until all voices are chanting together.  The a cappella section should be forceful, loud and agitated.  The last five measures are pianissimo, as if the last of an echo.  The accompaniment may be slightly tricky in rhythm and syncopation in contrast to the voice lines.