Via Crucis

Via Crucis

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composer: Franz Liszt

orchestrator: Serge Ollive

Duration: 1:10:00

Flute, oboe/E. hn., A cl./B flat bass cl., bassoon, 2 F horns, C tpt., SATB, 4 violins, 2 violas, 2 cellos, bass

One of Franz Liszt's later works, the Via Crucis was originally scored for choir and organ.  This major sacred work examines each of the Stations of the Cross, and was considered to be daring in its compositional tone at the time it was written.  Serge Ollive has orchestrated this master work to make it suitable for performance by chamber orchestra.  Each of the instrumentalists has the opportunity to act as soloist during the work's performance, while at the same time enhancing the ensemble colour and adding to the new depth found in this amazing piece.